Free for the weekend: Public Plaything


My novella, Public Plaything is available on Amazon Kindle for free until Monday, so take advantage!

Spencer pushed me up against the brick wall, his palms clutching my shoulders as we kissed through panting breaths, inhaling the thick humid night air. A bead of sweat dripped down my chest, tracing the arc of my breasts, disappearing beneath my black dress.

Do you think anybody can see us?” I asked, digging my nails into Spencer’s back muscles.

I don’t care,” Spencer answered as his hands ran across my tits, desperately trying to dig beneath my dress’s neckline.

I looked around. We were far away from the street lights, hidden in the shadows beside the cafe. I could see the silhouette of the crowd as they traipsed along, from bar to bar, shouting and hooting like packs of animals. All those people, all of them so close, and me and Spencer were here, right next to them, if only they’d look a little closer.

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Announcing “Damsels of Desire: Prey”


The beast sniffed the air, his pointed ears twitching as his unblinking black eyes surveyed the clearing until suddenly he turned, locking eyes with his prey for a fraction of a second before Thalia turned away. It was too late. The beast had found her, and faster than she could react, the wolf had closed the short distance between them.

 Thalia shut her eyes in fear, but she could feel his presence. The wolf towered over her, engulfing her in his massive shadow. The stench of his sweaty fur wafted into her nostrils, suffocating her. Thalia’s heart was beating like a drum, threatening to thump through her chest. She turned, slowly, falling backwards on her hands as she stared up at the monster above her. The wolf let out a primal growl, then reached out and grabbed Thalia with inhuman strength and purpose. He pinned her to the stone wall. He held his face inches away from hers, his hot breath engulfed her senses, dizzying her.

Thalia knew what the animal wanted…”

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